Back in Adelaide two months now

I came home two months ago to tangelos. Lots of tangelos. There are still some on the tree but not as many now.

My recent adventures in Italy are documented here.


I’m always planning a new adventure…even after having just arrived home from one.

Next trip…Lord Howe Island.


Exhausted after a long hike

Exhausted after a long hike

Flashback to December 2013. This was at the 3.5 hour mark on a walk to view Mount FitzRoy outside of El Chaltén, in central Patagonia, Argentina. I was sore and tired and afraid that if I sat there too long, I would not be able to get up…But we pressed on and I spent considerable time dreaming of a long soak in the bathtub back at our B & B.

Read more about this trip at Mostly Patagonia.

We dream of travelling all the time. Sometimes we travel.